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Corporate Advertising Membership

Advertise at Moon Lake Golf and Country Club  and Golf for Free!

Advertising on our Corporate Sponsor board at Moon Lake Golf and Country Club Ltd. provides an opportunity to display your business logo as it is exposed to all guests of our premier facility. Our Corporate Sponsor Board located beside the Station Restaurant and tournament facility will display a laser engraved mounted logo of your company name.

Golf Corporate

Included In Ad Purchase:

  • 50 complimentary rounds of golf with pull cart
  • Club Championship included for company designate
  • Free range balls with complimentary rounds
  • 10 day advanced bookings
  • Optional charge account can be set up
  • 15% off certain pro-shop purchases

This advertising opportunity is available to you for $3,600.00 walking or $4,600.00 with power cart.
GPS Add on with golf rounds $900.00
Ten 18-hole rounds of golf
*valid anytime, expires October 31, 2024
GPS Add on - no golf rounds $450.00

Registration Form

For further information please contact Bobbi Brandon, 306.382.5500 or email

Golf And Country Club Saskatchewan

Moon Lake Visage GPS Advertising

At Moon Lake Golf and Country Club, we are excited to announce our Club Car Golf Carts with the Visage GPS System. This is a state-of-the-art golf GPS system that features full graphics for each hole and the entire golf course, tee shot distances, yardage to pin, and a scorecard feature.

The Visage GPS System also presents a unique advertising opportunity for our local business community. Your business ad can be seen by as many as 40,000 local golfers throughout the entire golf season! We are offering this advertising opportunity to our corporate advertising members and local business partners first.

GPS Registration Form


Moon Lake Advertising

How It Works

Your full screen advertisement can be configured to display when golfers arrive at a tee, go from the teeing ground to the fairway, or on the approach to the green.
Full screen ads will initially fill the entire screen and after 7 seconds the message “Touch the screen to return to golf ” will appear. Full screen ads are 1024 pixels wide x 600 pixels tall.

All artwork should be JPEG quality, RGB color and saved at a medium compression level (equivalent to quality of 7 on Photoshop).

Contact Bobbi Brandon @ 306.382.5500 or

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost for one season of 2024 advertising is $1480.00 

Bonus Benefit  
Twelve 18-hole rounds of golf  (transferrable)
*valid anytime, expires October 31, 2024

Or Advertise on our Corporate Sponsor board: $3,600.00 or $4,600.00 with power cart and pay an additional $900.00 for our GPS Advertising with golf rounds Bonus Benefit:
Ten 18-hole rounds of golf
*valid anytime, expires October 31, 2024.
Visage Add on $450.00 - no golf rounds 
GPS Registration Form

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