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Corporate Advertising Membership

Advertise at Moon Lake Golf and Country Club in 2020 and Golf for Free!

Advertising on our Corporate Sponsor board at Moon Lake Golf and Country Club Ltd. provides an opportunity to display your business logo as it is exposed to all guests of our premier facility. Our Corporate Sponsor Board located beside the Station Restaurant and tournament facility will display a laser engraved mounted logo of your company name.

Golf Corporate

Included In Ad Purchase:

  • 50 complimentary rounds of golf with pull cart
  • Club Championship included for company designate
  • Free range balls with complimentary rounds
  • 10 day advanced bookings
  • Optional charge account can be set up
  • 15% off certain pro-shop purchases

This advertising opportunity is available to you for $2,845 or $3,915 with power cart.

GPS Add on $750 
Ten 18-hole rounds of golf
*valid anytime, expires October 31, 2020.

For further information please contact Bobbi Brandon, 306-382-7787 ext 23.

Corporate Golf Clinics

Moon Lake PGA of Canada Professionals

Companies are always looking for a new way to hold staff appreciation days or to incorporate a meeting with something that builds staff cohesion and offers networking opportunities with clients.

Our Corporate Golf Clinics offer a great platform to create your own day. There are optional meals before and/or after, 19th Hole Beverage Station set up during the clinic, prizing, and the ability to customize your clinic with our PGA of Canada Professionals.

Rental of Range Space: To be determined by number of participants and duration of Clinic
Clinic: $120/hour per Professional
19th Hole Beverage Station: No set-up fee. Tab will be billed with invoice.
Meals: Please view our Food and Beverage Meal Form (coming soon) for meal options and pricing.
Prizing or Gifts: We offer a Corporate discount on in-stock items, or take a look at our 2020 Corporate Catalogue for orders big or small.

Please Contact PGA of Canada Head Professional Bobbi Brandon to book your event or with any inquires.

Phone 306.382.7787 (ext. 23)

Corporate Membership Rates
Corporate Golf Instruction Package Options
Corporate Partners
Last Tab

Corporate Membership Rates

Applicable taxes included in all prices.
Prices subject to change. If prices differ from those at the golf course the course prices shall be deemed correct.

40 Rounds (minimum)
Week Day Full Week
$1995 $2275
50 Rounds
Week Day Full Week
$2445 $2815
60 Rounds
Week Day Full Week
$2875 $3355

Moon Lake Golf Academy

Company Flexibility

Twenty Hours of Golf Coaching

Individual or group instruction with flexible scheduling for your clients, your employees, your executives or anyone your company chooses. Sessions could be scheduled at most daylight times for one or more hours at a time and include any kind of golf instruction – driving, chipping, bunker shots, distance, putting, on-course coaching – anything. This is the most flexible option available.

Company Commitment

One Hour Every Week

Receive one hour of instruction at the same time every week from April-August. That specific time will be reserved for your company – Saturdays from 3-4pm, for example. Include up to 10 golfers in a group session or use the time for an individual of your choice – do you know someone in your company who could use the help?
Company Commitment Plus

Two Hours Every Week

Receive two hours of instruction at the same time every week from April-August. Playing lessons (18-holes) could be included as the equivalent of a 4-hour session.
Company Reality Check

Five 18-Hole Playing Lessons

Entertain your clients, reward your executives, your top employees or just have fun with your golfing associates by playing 18 holes with Brad five times during the season. Get help as you’re playing, get questions answered and have an optional one-hour lesson after the round.

Corporate Partners

Full Line Ag
Saskatoon Fire and Flood
Butler Byers
Commercial Sand Blasting
Maple Leaf

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