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Moon Lake Golf and Country Club

A Pristine Golf Course Only Minutes From Saskatoon

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Moon Lake Golf and Country Club

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Moon Lake Golf and Country Club

The Moon Lake Golf and Country Club is one of Saskatchewan’s favourite courses. A perfect day of golf is only a
10 minute drive away from Saskatoon.

This beautiful 27-hole Links-style championship golf course allows you to create 3 different combinations of 18 holes, each with a par of 72.

Whether you are looking for a destination for a golf event, a casual round with friends, or a wedding venue,
Moon Lake Golf and Country Club has it all.

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Wedding And Events

Plan Your Next Event

Along with our beautiful golf course, the Moon Lake Golf and Country Club is home to excellent facilities suited for your next event, tournament, or wedding.

Our heated, tented banquet facility is available for hosting golf tournament banquets, corporate/special events as well as wedding receptions.

Plan Your Event
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For gift card purchases or merchandise, please call the golf shop, 306-382-5500 

Looking to book a Golf Event?
Contact Head Golf Professional Bobbi Brandon